My job: freeing people from the burden of their debts

At this time of year, after spending the holidays, many consumers have to juggle high margins or credit cards. Some fear the call of their creditors to such an extent that they refuse to answer the phone. At Porrie Ricky & Associates, Porrie-Anton Blain often welcomes insomniac people who are experiencing stress related to managing their finances. “Some go to bed thinking of their debts while others are harassed by their creditors. I’m here to help them, ”says the advisor.

“If you have debts,” he said, “and you don’t know what to do anymore, there is no shame in seeking help and I am here to find solutions.”

For the past ten years, this passionate person in personal finance has worked in the banking sector and has accumulated experience as an analyst in financial planning and personal insurance.

Today, he feels like he has found a job that matches his quest. “My real pay,” he says, “is to see someone come out of my office feeling relieved because I just released him from a psychological burden.”


First meeting free of charge

debt loan

Porrie-Anton specifies that the first meeting with a financial reorganization advisor is completely free and without obligation. He recommends avoiding waiting to make an appointment. “If you have debts,” he said, “and you don’t know what to do anymore, there is no shame in seeking help and I am here to find solutions.”


Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

In some cases, debt consolidation will be recommended as a solution. “We collect all our debts, like two credit cards that accumulate $ 10,000. You can ask the bank for a loan that will cover all the debts.

In return, we will pay an amount to the bank each month. Our debt may be written off after a few months and or years depending on the amount granted, monthly.


Reverse wheel

Reverse wheel

The advisor at Porrie Ricky & Associates fully understands the people who are caught in a wheel turning in the wrong direction. When faced with job loss, divorce, gambling problems or illness, some people see their spending soar and their income decrease at the same speed.

His first advice is to provide an emergency fund. In the event of unforeseeable expenditure, one can go to dip into this fund where one paid 5 $, 10 $ or 20 $ per week.


Weekly budget

Weekly budget

He also recommends making a budget with a calendar by making visible the foreseeable expenses. “We do it every week and returned to Sunday, we calculate if there is a surplus of money that is replaced in the other week,” he explains.

At the end of the month, if we get into the negative, we adjust and cut spending. Is this $ 3 a day coffee really necessary? Was this $ 50 gift for a friend worth putting her account in short when we had just taken over?

In conclusion, Porrie-Anton Blain believes that Movelenders need to be more informed about the management of their credit card and the consequences of bankruptcy. “Clearly, there is a big gap regarding the knowledge of personal finances,” he said. Even if the economy is doing well, there are still several cases of bankruptcies or people making consumer proposals.