Nick Hartman was injured while filming ‘Adventures’.

TV darling had to go to the hospital after an accident

Nick Hartman was injured while filming ‘Adventures’.

Filming ended painfully for Nick Hartman: the TV favorite hit a metal edge during “Adventures” and ended up in the hospital.


Nick Hartman got injured.

It’s love at first sight for Nick Hartman (50 years old)! The TV favorite is on the road to Ticino with Claudio Zuccolini (52) for the program “Adventures” and performs daring acts. But in the next episode, one of the challenges ends particularly badly. Hartmann must also go to the hospital.

But let’s start at the beginning: Hartmann and Zucolini try their hand at ski jumping on the water jump. Everything feels good at first, but then it happens. Hartmann’s left ski gets stuck and he loses his balance. Suddenly, everything happened very quickly. “I hit the metal edge with my body weight at full speed,” Blick reports. He had to grit his teeth a bit, but luckily the pain was bearable.

Nick Hartman is in shock from his injury

At first glance, nothing serious seems to have happened, but when Hartmann takes off his suit, a bloody cut is visible. “The rainbow colors were the result of an injury, a bruise, and a hamstring,” Hartmann explains. Then she felt uneasy: “I was really scared and knew the ‘cast’ alone wouldn’t help.” he is right. The moderator must go to the hospital.

Yet he has no regrets. He underlines: “I prefer to let the professionals risk me if it is not a question of life or physical integrity. And of course the results were a bit harsh here, but luckily nothing serious happened.

How Nick Hartman is going to the hospital and if he can continue with “Adventures” can be seen on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. 3+.

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