Nintendo’s mobile game downloads top 800 million

Image: Nintendo Life

Following yesterday’s announcement that Nintendo would be teaming up with mobile company DeNA to create a joint venture, it has now released an update to its mobile apps.

Chairman Shuntaro Furukawa revealed that the company’s mobile business has now surpassed more than 800 million downloads (as of October 2022) in 164 countries and regions. Nintendo shared an interesting comparison:

“That figure, 800 million, equals the total cumulative unit sales of all Nintendo hardware since we launched the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) in 1983. The mobile business has seen those same numbers in just six and a half years since 2016, when we released our first app.”

Fire Emblem Heroes has been the company’s most successful mobile to date. Various other IPs like Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and Mario Kart have also contributed to Nintendo’s mobile business. Pikmin Bloom was the most recent title launched, and Dragalia Lost will be shutting down later this month.

In the latest report, it was mentioned how its mobile games have brought people into contact with Nintendo IP, especially in markets that its dedicated video game platform business cannot reach. It also hopes that its mobile games will attract mobile users to purchase its dedicated video game hardware.

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