Obey Me !, the mobile game with 5.6 million downloads in 186 countries and regions, celebrates a second anniversary! Enjoy awesome events such as up to 200 free spins on the Nightmare Gacha!

OSAKA, Japan – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Obey me! mobile game (released in 2019) created by NTT Solmare Corporation (head office: Osaka, Japan; chairman: Toshiaki Asahi, hereinafter referred to as “NTT Solmare”) has gained worldwide fans and will celebrate its 2 sd birthday!

You can get up to 200 free summons on the Nightmare Gacha “Our Intertwined Fates 1 & 2”! There are also many other events to enjoy!

That special once-a-year event is here! It is time to celebrate Happy Devil Day 2021 and enjoy many events. Don’t miss the Our Intertwined Fates 1 & 2 event. In this Nightmare gacha, you can get up to 200 free summons (spins).

The second event to watch is the “Heavenly Blessing” Pop Quiz! This scenario is fully voiced and you will be able to get more extravagant items than usual.

In addition, for the third special event, there will be a good SSR daemon and an SSR memory card as a login bonus! Log in every day to get luxury items.

For the fourth event, the Nightmare for Happy Devil Day will be relaunched! During Happy Devil Day 2021, other events and sales will also be organized. You will have many reasons to enjoy your December in the Devil!

Our events Entwined Destins 1 & 2

Take part in Our Intertwined Fates 1 and 2 and enjoy the following in the Nightmare Gacha during the event period.

1: 10 free summons for 10 days

Period: December 10 at 5 p.m. 2021 until January 2 at 5 p.m. 2022 (PST)

2: 10 free summons for 10 days

Period: December 22, 5:00 p.m. 2021 to January 2, 5:00 p.m. 2022 (PST)

* You will get up to 200 free summons (gacha towers)

* The story of the exclusive UR ​​maps comes with a fully voiced story and in-game looks!

About Obey Me!

In Obey Me !, you have to get seven handsome demon brothers, each with their own unique personality, to do whatever you want while enjoying different methods of communicating with them. Make the most of your school life in the Devildom by interacting with the dangerous yet charming brothers and their classmates through chats and phone calls, and getting them to go to work. Read an exciting story that changes based on the choices you make! Laughter, excitement and romance await in “Obey Me!”




Obey me!



Play for free (items can be purchased in-game)



Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Korean

* Option to change the game language

* Korean and traditional Chinese stories will be published gradually, as they are prepared



Mobile (iOS 11.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later)

* The app may not work properly on some devices including older devices

To download

google play


App store


Official website and social media accounts

The “Obey me!” ” official site


The “Obey me!” »Official Facebook page


The “Obey me!” »Official Instagram page


The “Obey me!” »Official Twitter page


Official “Obey me!” Youtube channel


About NTT Solmare Co., Ltd.

NTT Solmare aims to enrich people’s lives by providing entertainment services such as “Comic C’Moa”, one of the largest e-book services in the country, as well as games such as “Shall we date?” series and “Moe! Ninja Girls.

Official site: https://www.nttsolmare.com/e/

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