Overwatch player wreaks ranked havoc by playing against themselves with 2 accounts


In what may be one of the weirdest and most ridiculous clips of Overwatch – someone used two accounts to play against themselves in competitive matchmaking. And the community can’t handle how silly that looks.

Overwatch was released in 2016 and its sequel, Overwatch 2, has has been delayed again. But, after five years of grinding, players are still finding unique ways to have fun with the game and one of them has taken it to a new level.

Twitter user and streamer “bogur” posted a clip in which he watched a ranked match and noticed something odd. Neither team moved while the other was and whenever one stopped moving it took a little while for the other to start.

Thankfully, bogur’s Twitter caption explained it all in his ridiculous glory: “Sigma male is lining up Overwatch on two accounts to play against himself in ranked.”

Overwatch player fights in ranked with two accounts

Bogur breaks everything down in his clip and it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. The red ball stops moving and a moment later the player “has traded accounts with the blue ball and he’s gone to fight.”

After the blue ball receives a few hits, it suddenly stops moving. About two seconds later, the red ball retaliates, with a cracking bogur in the background.

It’s all pretty hilarious to watch and quickly gained traction online, where people shared videos from other angles as well.

Overall, in the fifth year and 30th season of Competitive Overwatch, no one seemed to mind the behavior. Instead, many were in awe to see the Wrecking Ball player pull off something they had never seen before.

In the responses, someone praised the ball (s) for letting their teammates experience Overwatch 2’s 5v5 earlier. And one of the teammates also replied, “Dude, it took our team so long to figure out what was going on. Someone said to me ‘hey, they’re not moving at the same time’. This man is on another level.

It’s nice to see that no one was tipped off by this weird game, which was probably a mess with two tanks taking turns fighting. It’s unclear exactly how the Ball managed to trade accounts in seconds, but it’s clear people are finding innovative ways to have fun on Overwatch.

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