PlayStation Live Service games are coming to PC on day one

The head of PlayStation Studios confirms that Sony will release live service games on PC on the same day as consoles but not single player games.

PlayStation Studios Director Herman Hulst has confirmed that the next live games for PS4 and PS5 will be released day and date on PC. Hulst’s statements are part of a recent series of interviews where the executive reiterated the studio’s intention to diversify PlayStation with continued expansion into PC, mobile and live games.

Sony’s investment in the PC gaming space has been a bit slow compared to Microsoft, but it looks like the company is now fully on the platform. Over the past two years, major PlayStation exclusives such as God of the war, Horizon Zero Dawnand wonders Spider-Man have launched on Steam and the Epic Games Store to great reviews, with more on the way. However, one caveat to enjoying PlayStation titles on PC has been the delay between the PlayStation release and the PC port. Most of the games that received the PC treatment were still subject to a gap of several years since their original launch on PlayStation. But that gap has only narrowed as Sony continues to invest in the PC platform.


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When it comes to PlayStation’s upcoming live games, the gap between console and PC versions has disappeared entirely. In an interview with Julien Chieze on YouTube, PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst said that the company’s 12 in-development live games will all be released on day one on PC. While this is great news for PC gamers waiting for the next big PlayStation game on Steam, it doesn’t mean single-player games will follow the same trend. Hulst says live games should release date and date with PC for playerbase strength and engagement, but confirms that single player games will always have at least a year gap between the PS5 and PC releases.

PlayStation’s expansion into live games is somewhat of a newer development for the company and one that Hulst thinks Sony has had little success with in the past. Sony’s recent acquisition of Bungie proves the company is serious about succeeding in the live services space, and player count is crucial to that success. games like Fate live and die by the health of their player base, so it makes sense to let players experience these games as soon as possible and regardless of their platform of choice.

PlayStation’s relationship with the PC platform is only getting stronger and it looks like the company is starting to prioritize software sales over hardware sales as it continues to release PC games. The majority of hit PS4 games have found their way to the PC over the past couple of years, and now some huge PS5 games are said to be on the way, such as Return and Forbidden Horizon West. Somehow, even amid multiple high-profile acquisitions and exclusivity wars, PC gamers are left with more games from Sony and Microsoft than ever before.

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