Podtrac: significant gains in reach and downloads in July; iHeart remained number one. | Daily News Podcast

Shattering any idea that the summer vacation season and disruption of normal media habits would impact podcast listening, August was one of the strongest months for listening until present this year. According to Podtrac, among the top 20 publishers, there was an 18% increase in unique monthly viewership in the US last month compared to July. And overall downloads increased by 7%. In both cases, there were double-digit gains from last August.

According to Podtrac, iHeartMedia easily remained the top podcast network among those it measures in August, fueled by more downloads, listeners and shows. The company saw its global downloads and streams increase 7% from July to more than 456 million. It came as iHeart’s unique US audience also jumped 20% to nearly 36 million, with its number of active shows rising from 678 in July to 689 in August.

Wondery, who overtook NPR for second place in June, put more distance between himself and the public media organization in August. Wondery’s unique US audience jumped 15% to over 24 million with downloads and streams totaling 181 million, a 2% month-over-month gain.

NPR has also seen growth. Its unique US audience grew 16% to nearly 20 million, while NPR’s downloads rose 5% to 168 million.

There were no changes among the top ten publishers according to Podtrac. It again placed The New York Times in fourth place in August. Its unique viewership in the US grew 21% month-over-month, while its number of downloads increased 9%.

NBC News rounded out the top five for August with a 17% increase in unique viewership in the US and an 8% increase in downloads over July.

Overall, Podtrac reports that the top 20 average publishers saw an 18% month-over-month increase in their unique monthly viewership in the US last month. And year-over-year, August 2022 unique reach for the top 20 publishers increased 35% from August 2021.

Podtrac also reports that 19 of the top 20 publishers saw an increase in monthly US unique viewership in August compared to July – one of the best performers this year.

In terms of downloads, Podtrac says global downloads for the top 20 publishers overall increased 7% month-over-month in July. They also increased by 68% compared to the number of downloads of the previous year.

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