Pro LPL player fined one month’s wages after Faker called solo queue

Yu ‘Qingtian’ Zi-Han, backup top laner for Top Esports in the LPL, was fined one month’s salary by the organization after he was caught intentionally feeding queued matches solo on the Korean scale – and was called out by Faker.

Toxicity is a persistent issue in the League of Legends community. Whether it’s abusive language in in-game chat or players intentionally losing their team in-game in single-player queue, the problem of poor attitude in the leaderboard is something Riot Games n was unable to fight successfully.

And it’s not just a problem at lower ranks either. Even some of the best players in the world aren’t immune to the effects of toxic teammates, as Lee “Faker” Sanghyeok discovered on March 9 during a ranked match on his Twitch stream.

Sometimes one report just isn’t enough

His team’s top laner refused to communicate, intentionally misplayed, and continued to spam a surrender vote, despite his team’s repeated attempts to come back and win the game. Faker managed to keep his cool for most of the game, simply stating that he would report the player after the game was over. The Aatrox finished the game with a kill/dead ratio of 0-16.

However, once the game was over, he realized that the player who had been luring him for the last half hour was, in fact, another professional player. TES Qingtian, a backup LPL top laner, who was playing on the Korean super server from China.

According to Faker, the issue of Chinese pros intentionally powering Korean single-player queue games is not new and has been an ongoing problem for the server since 2015. He argued that he “doesn’t understand” why the Chinese pros are still given accounts on the Korean super server, and that he would completely boycott ranked play if he encountered another grieving player this way.

Translations of his comments were posted on Reddit, with the post gaining huge popularity with over 16,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours.

Responses from Top Esports and Riot Korea Staff

Qingtian’s response only came hours later, posting an official apology on his Weibo account shortly after the clip went viral. In his apology, he said he would “accept all team and league penalties” and from now on would treat every game “with integrity”.

Top Esports were quick to respond, saying they would deduct one month’s wages under official LPL penalty rules.

According to a translation posted on Reddit from a T1 staff account, the issue had been escalated to the Riot Korea offices and the matter was being discussed. However, Riot Korea’s response focused only on Faker’s statement questioning the fact that all Chinese pros had accounts on the Korean server.

According to their statement, it was “difficult to consider this issue only from the perspective of the Korean region”, because the accounts are offered to professional players from all regions who wish to play in the Korean solo queue, not only to the Chinese pros. However, according to Faker’s live rant, this isn’t the first time Chinese gamers have intentionally fed into solo queued games.

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