Rec Room surpasses 75 million downloads after 6 years of steady growth

Check-in roomthe leading virtual world, gaming and user-generated content platform, turns six this month and has also amassed a total of 75 million downloads on all platforms. Rec Room’s diverse community of over 75 million lifetime users has helped it grow over the past six years into a large, inclusive, cross-platform experience with millions of player-created rooms.

Over the past six years, Rec Room has grown significantly. The platform, originally developed for virtual reality, is now fundamentally cross-platform, allowing more 29 million active users worldwide to create and share experiences on Oculus (Rift + Quest), iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam, with other platforms on the way. Rec Room’s rapid growth has been significantly driven by mobile; the platform saw a 640% increase in gamers using mobile devices year over year.

Engage in festive activities and discover new in-game items in Rec Room

There are already more rooms in Rec Room than apps on the iOS App Store thanks to many creator contributions. With $1 million distributed to creators by Rec Room in the first quarter of 2022, gamers are supporting more and more user-generated content.

Rec Room has become an important way for millions of people to connect, learn, create, and earn money. Since we founded the company in 2016, we have believed that games and UGC will play an important role in the future of the internet and the way we all connect. Rec Room is still too early to realize this vision, but we are excited to know where the community and the next 6 years will take us.

Nick Fajt, CEO and Co-Founder, Rec Room

“Over the past 6 years, we have been continually amazed by the friendliness, humor and creativity of our community,” Nick added.

As Recroom celebrates its 6th anniversary and racks up 75 million downloads, the birthday room is available to Game Room attendees all month long, where they can partake in festivities and find all-new in-game merchandise. Using Rec Room’s Maker Pen design tool, players can exercise their imagination to build the most fantastic parade floats possible (without the adhesion of paper mache).

Social Platform Game Room

This design tool lets creators build everything from dogs to helicopters to entire in-game universes. Rec Room has added cake pops because no celebration is complete without a little dessert. Rec Room players can indulge in these mouth-watering treats as much as they want. They are available for free all month in the cake pop room (which has already received more than 377,000 visits!), and for purchase after June.

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