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Craft Recordings / Concord released a deluxe digital edition of REM’s tenth studio album New adventures in Hi-Fi with a special 25th anniversary reissue. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the newly remastered full album, plus 13 B-sides and rarities. The revamped album is also available as a 2 LP set, pressed onto 180 gram vinyl. On November 12, a bonus-packed 2-CD / 1-Blu-ray Deluxe Edition will be available with additional audiovisual content, including the newly remastered album, 13 B-sides and Rarities, an unreleased release Outdoor screening movie 64 minutes and 30 minute EPK unreleased.

First released in September 1996, New adventures in Hi-Fi is one of REM’s most acclaimed albums and is a favorite among band members and fans alike. The album was a worldwide hit, achieving platinum certification in the United States and peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Elsewhere, the album rose to No. 1 in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. Critically, New adventures in Hi-Fi received many accolades and was named as one of the best albums of the year by Rolling Stone, Spin, Mojo, Entertainment Weekly, and the NME.

Recorded at the height of their glory, New adventures in Hi-Fi scored REM’s last album with drummer and founding member Bill Berry, who left the group out of court the following year. “We wanted to make a record on the road without singing on the road,” says bassist Mike Mills. But along the way, the tour was marred by medical emergencies. In March, Berry collapsed on stage with an aneurysm and spent the next month recovering. Mills, meanwhile, underwent bowel surgery in June. A month later, Michael Stipe underwent emergency hernia surgery (which he claims occurred while performing the song “Undertow”).

After the group returned from a series of eventful but highly successful dates, they entered the studio with longtime producer Scott Litt to record a few final tracks and put the finishing touches on others. Among them was the seven-minute epic “Leave,” “E-Bow the Letter,” with backing vocals from singer-songwriter Patti Smith, “New Test Leper,” which Buck claims to be. her favorite REM song, and “How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us,” one of many songs on the album inspired by Stipe’s experiences living in Los Angeles.

Peter Buck summed up: “Most records you go to the studio and you just make them. And years later, all you really remember is vaguely where you stayed, the songs, and the recording process. But this one, I remember everything. It was an experience. It was fucking hard, but we made a record. And it was as difficult as anything I’ve ever done.

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