Remembering all canceled Star Wars games

The story of star wars is almost as long as that of the video games themselves. With more than 100 video games in 45 years, there is no shortage of star wars for players to enjoy. With a wide variety of platforms, themes, and canon membership, fans of the galaxy far, far away can almost always find a game to suit their needs. Unfortunately, all star wars the game has the chance to bring it out.

The story of game in the star wars the universe is full of canceled projects. Some of these tragic tales were little more than concepts or pitches, while others died long before the development stage. A total of 33 star wars games have been canceled entirely so far, with some well-known entries deeply mourned by the star wars community.


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Star Wars: 1313

Star Wars: 1313 is perhaps the best known of the canceled ones star wars video games. Originally revealed at E3 in 2012, Star Wars: 1313 was marketed as a third-person shooter with platforming and playable cinematic gameplay similar to Unexplored. A full trailer, screenshots and gameplay footage in various stages of development exist – with some Star Wars: 1313 images appeared until January 2022.

The original concept of Star Wars: 1313 had players controlling an unidentified bounty hunter in the depths of the city-planet Coruscant, and was full of criminal conspiracies and seedy nightlife. However, George Lucas wanted the game to focus on a young Boba Fett instead. To welcome, Star Wars: 1313 planned to have Boba Fett kill the original character early on, with the player then taking over as the Mandalorian Headhunter for the rest of the game.

Unfortunately, with Disney’s acquisition of star wars in 2012, the fate of Star Wars: 1313 was questioned, although reports from GameSpot indicate that other production difficulties may have also played a role. The project was scrapped in 2013, with the brand being scrapped altogether in 2014. The following year, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said material for Star Wars: 1313 and its canceled complementary television series, Star Wars: Underworldcould still be developed in one way or another in the future.

Battle of the Sith Lords

Although not as advanced in development as 1313 has been, Battle of the Sith Lords was no less infamous. Developed by Red Fly Studio, this project, periodically named “Damage” and “Maul”, was to be a violent third-person action game in the style of arkham asylum and The Force Unleashed.

Red Fly was not given any details about the game beyond its title and that it was to feature Darth Maul as the main character. LucasArts gave Red Fly little advice – it didn’t even tell the devs Darth Maul’s future role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With no direction, Red Fly instead focused on the gameplay aspects of Battle of the Sith Lordsresulting in a few prototype sequences.

Battle of the Sith Lords floundered for a while, struggling to nail down a concept. Various concepts included an origin story, a clone wars accompanying story, and even a tale set 170 years in the future, with a descendant of Darth Maul fighting alongside Darth Talon against Darth Krayt, two characters from the comic series Star Wars Legacy. As 1313the The acquisition of Disney sounds the death knell for Battle of the Sith Lordsthough it’s hard to say if the game would have stabilized on its own otherwise.

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The Star Wars sequels that never were

Over the years, several popular star wars video games had planned sequels that never happened. While some of these spiritual successors sired, the tried sequels have a place of honor in the graveyard of star wars securities.

The Force Unleashed 3 was another victim of the Disney acquisition. Canceled in 2013, this sequel would have concluded Starkiller’s story in an open-world cooperative game. Players would play as Starkiller or Vader as they reluctantly team up to fight the Emperor’s schemes and minions, including Boba Fett. Unfortunately, the game was canceled in 2013 before the concept art stage.

Free Radical planned to continue its original battle front series before its cancellation in 2008 due to a falling out between the developer and LucasArts. Battlefront 3 was to have flawless ground-space battles, while early concept art of Battlefront 4 suggested it would focus on “what if” scenarios, including dark side Luke Skywalker. Rumors of missed deadlines, late payments and embezzlement stalk the project, which was said to be “97% complete” before it was cancelled. In 2012, game test sequences Battlefront 3 surfaced. Although DICE restarted the battle front series with installments in 2015 and 2017, he currently has no plans to release a Battlefront 3 of its own.

A following Star Wars: Republic Commando – the 2005 tactical shooter companion to the Karen Traviss novels – was canceled before its predecessor even launched. The sequel had two competing locations: Imperial Commandowhich would focus on an Empire-aligned commando unit fighting the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi, and rebel commandofocusing instead on the survivors of Republic Commando fight against the Empire. Unfortunately, between the mixed reception of Republic Commando and retcons from clone wars Television series, the project never went beyond concept art.

Knights of the Old Republic was honored recently because of the remake whose own fate is currently in question. Knights of the Old Republic 3 was canceled sometime after 2004 due, according to designer Jon Stafford, “to a difficult time in the company’s history”. Concepts and art steered the story towards a new player character following in Revan’s footsteps as he traveled to unknown regions to battle ancient and powerful Sith Lords. Considering the plot points of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which features both Revan and Vitiate/Valkorion, an ancient Sith lord, it’s easy to see how BioWare was able to draw on these early concepts with its MMORPG.

In 2003, LucasArts canceled plans to release Jedi knight 3: on the edge of darkness, a sequel to Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. Like his predecessors, players would have controlled Kyle Katarn in his story finale. Unfortunately, after Jedi Knight: Jedi Academywhich featured Kyle Katarn as an NPC and mentor to a customizable main character, LucasArts decided not to proceed with the project.

Other concepts from the other two dozen canceled games range from scum and villainous space pirate antics and Thieves Squadron spin off to an anthology of rebellion-themed action games. Hopefully the future star wars games won’t have the misfortune to join their ill-fated predecessors on the cutting room floor.

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