Retired: buy a house with the credit buyback.

If the repurchase of credits is well known to allow a more peaceful retirement, thanks in particular to a reduction in the amount of charges, it should be known that this financing can allow many retired borrowers to invest in stone.

Retirement: buy a property

Retirement: buy a property

The borrowing profiles of retired households are very often faced with obstacles to obtaining their mortgage, many senior households plan to buy a second home in France or abroad (Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc.) or to change the habitat for the color of happy days.

However, when the latter already repay credits, the banks do not necessarily have banking products allowing them to group the credits and include the amount of the new need, this is what the creditor site offers with its offer to buy back loans.

The idea being to take into account the transition to retirement for households still active, to group the loans in progress and to include the amount of the desired real estate, this product meets a real success because it responds to an atypical need to which banks have no solutions to offer. There are 3 other ways to finance real estate apart from the repurchase of credit, namely equity, conventional mortgage or sponsorship.

Buy a house with the repurchase of credit

The principle of the operation is simple, it suffices to establish a first request on the website, which opens the door to a completely free feasibility study carried out within 48 hours. This first study makes it possible to propose a financing offer to the borrower, taking into account his situation as well as his financing need.

The examination of the file then leads to the release of funds. The real estate need must be defined as soon as the file is examined by providing supporting documents for the property to be purchased. The analyst is responsible for calculating the grouping of credits with the amount of the new project, the whole of this study is free and without obligation.