Shenandoah River Adventures is riding the wave of valley tourism

SHENANDOAH, Va. (WHSV) – The Shenandoah River welcomes visitors from across the state, the country and even the world. The One Valley company offers visitors different ways to explore the river and the towns that surround it.

“When it comes to the river, some people are more acclimated to it than others, so it’s not for everyone but for those who have been on the river and like to go boating and tubing and stuff like that is just a nice little break in your day,” said Rodney Turner, owner of Shenandoah River Adventures.

Shenandoah River Adventures moved to the city of Shenandoah in 2007 and has been welcoming visitors for 15 years, including those who hike the Appalachian Trail who use the company to program the AquaBlaze portion of their routes.

“We are fundamentally international, we have a lot of foreign visitors. Most of our business comes from up north, from the New York, Ohio, DC area,” Turner said.

During the pandemic, SRA peaked as one of the only leisure businesses still open. Now Turner says the company is seeing an estimated 30% drop in bookings.

“There are a lot of factors in there, a lot of people bought their own equipment during the pandemic. The traffic on the river is about the same, it’s just that we don’t get as many rentals,” Turner said.

Turner and his SRA staff worked with the City of Shenandoah and Page County Economic Development to help introduce the company and also made some internal changes.

“We’re working every little avenue we can, we’ve made some small modest price increases trying to work on our retail, every dollar counts these days,” Turner said.

Turner says those interested in visiting the SRA can call ahead at 1-888-309-7222 or visit their website.

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