Smart YouTube Music downloads are now sparkle-tagged

YouTube Music has long been able to automatically download songs “based on your previous listening history” so you always have a fresh collection of stuff to listen to offline. A small tweak to YouTube Music sees Smart Downloads get a sparkly new icon.

After you turn on smart downloads (Settings > Library and downloads) and select the number of songs you want, YouTube Music refreshes what’s stored every night when you’re connected to Wi-Fi (or mobile data if allowed) and the device has over 40% battery life.

Occasionally, you’ll see a system notification when downloads are updating in the background. YouTube Music recently went from a lightning bolt to a glittering icon for smart downloads. To critique the design very briefly, the faint lines are somewhat hard to see as Google tries to convey a trio of iconography in a rather small space. That said, it matches YouTube’s icon style.

It’s a curious little change that’s also reflected on the Downloads page alongside albums and playlists, including your offline mixtape. Collections that you have downloaded manually are still marked with the check mark in a circle icon.

We first spotted the flickering icon for Smart Downloads on Monday with YouTube Music version 5.02.50 (from last week) on Android.

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