Sonic Team Says Speed ​​Alone Isn’t What Makes Sonic Games Fun

In a recent interview, the Sonic Team leader described what he considers to be the essence of sonic the hedgehog games, and told how far the developers have gone to keep it intact in sound borders. It seems that even though the blue blur has been re-iterated many times over the past 30 years, there has always been a central image of what the sonic the hedgehog series was about in the eyes of its creators.

According to Takashi Iizuka, the leader of Sonic Team, the “essence” of Sonic is not only the characteristic speed of the blue hedgehog. Instead, it’s about using fast-paced gameplay to accomplish feats that can only be achieved with that incredible pace combined with player skill. The developer said “running in a straight line won’t be enough” when it comes to ensuring fans experience the feelings that made the Sonic iconic series.


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Iizuka, during an interview with Eurogamer, said it was “very clear” to him that “just going fast doesn’t make Sonic fun.” That’s a pretty interesting line to hear from the leader of Sonic Team after Sonic forces has been openly criticized by fans for the amount of automation it contains. Many gamers simply put down their controllers to emphasize how easily the game can play every once in a while. This phrase could very well mark Sonic Team learning from previous mistakes.

Another interesting part of Eurogamer’s interview with the developer is that Iizuka calls sound borders the “third” new iteration of Sonic playability. This almost rules out the “boost” gameplay of raging decibells which marks the midpoint between Sonic Adventure and Borders. However, Unleashed has been criticized in recent years for the very style of play he introduced. He’s known for starting the “boost to win” trend in the franchise, a prime example of how running just isn’t enough for some fans.

As curious as these statements from the head of Sonic Team are, it may drive some fans who have wished the series moved away from automation and leaned more into skills to wait for the game more. Ultimately, the words of Iizuka suggest that Borders aims to do a number of things differently than past entries in the series.

However, the first gameplay trailers sound borders released was not very well received by fans at first. Despite Takashi Iizuka’s comments, players noticed on-track automation that looked rather out of place in the scenic Starfall Islands. However, after more information on the gameplay loop with a public demo at Gamescom, gamers seem to be feeling a bit more confident in the next Sonic title. For those curious how this new “open area” version of the series holds up, the game will be in the hands of gamers in two months.

sound borders will launch on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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