Star Tours at Disneyland Park Celebrates 35 Years of Galactic Adventure

To some, it may seem like we’ve jumped straight into hyperspace – but believe it or not, this Sunday, January 9, 2022, it’s been 35 years since the original Star Tours attraction debuted at Disneyland Park!

January 9, 1987 is the date long remembered, as it was the first time guests could board a Starspeeder on Star Tours, soaring to a galaxy far, far away on a journey. adventurous in Endor. Hosted by Walt Disney Imagineering, George Lucas and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), it was the first time that guests could truly step into a Star wars story. And now, 35 years later, it’s amazing how far we’ve gone to immerse our guests in Star wars tales in Disney parks. Star wars: Edge of the galaxy, located at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, is the largest single themed land in Disney Parks history, where you are invited to experience your own Star wars history – that you pilot the Millennium Falcon, have a drink at Oga’s cantina, or build your own droid at Droid Depot. And on March 1, guests can take their next step into this larger world by Star wars: Galactic Starcruiser debuts at Walt Disney World Resort.

For the official opening of Star Tours in 1987, Disneyland remained open for three days and three nights with a “60 hour party,” to welcome the many impatient and enthusiastic guests who were eager to experience this immersive new attraction.

The opening ceremony brought together Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, several Ewoks and, of course, Darth Vader and the Imperial stormtroopers. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse joined C-3PO, then chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner and George Lucas for the official ribbon cutting of the new Star Tours attraction.

2011 saw the debut of Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, reinforcing the appeal of a new generation with 3D digital technology and new destinations around the world. Star wars galaxy. We’ve continued to add even more exotic locations over the past decade, and today you can experience some of the amazing worlds featured in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. Through the creative forces of Disney Imagineers, Lucasfilm, and ILM, guests can experience one of over 100 different storytelling combinations, making each flight unpredictable and thrilling.

The immediate and overwhelming popularity of Star Tours spurred the expansion of other Disney parks around the world, including Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

Curious to learn more about the history and creation of this legendary attraction? Tune into the Star Tours episode (Episode 3) of “Behind the Attraction” on Disney + to find out how the blue sky dream led to the very advanced attraction we know and love today.

Happy 35e Anniversary, Star Tours! The Force has been with you… always.

Blog by Kelsey Lynch, Director of Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

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