Steam may allow peer-to-peer LAN downloads

It’s probably the norm for most households these days to have variable-speed Internet connections, but usually with no download limits. If you normally use a connection with a low download speed or a data cap, downloading games can be quite a pain, especially considering the size of games these days. But with a future feature, Steam may make things easier, especially if you have easy access to another gaming PC.

As PC Gamer reports, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik discovered code in Steam’s latest beta client that hints at a feature described as peer-to-peer downloads over LAN. The idea is that if you want to download a specific game on a gaming laptop, but you already have a desktop rig with said game, you can download the game from the gaming rig rather than on the Internet.

Granted, this use case scenario is pretty niche. Most people wouldn’t have multiple gaming PCs, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, to use because each one is very expensive as it is. But if you have, for example, a friend who lives nearby and has the game installed on his system, you can either ask him to bring his laptop, or you can drive your PC there and complete the download faster than usually.

Despite all these caveats about using user-side functionality, it can also ease congestion somewhat. Indeed, this feature would mean that fewer people download the same game from the Internet. That being said, it remains to be seen if this will eventually end up in the general Steam client. Valve has yet to announce this officially, unlike the Steam Deck UI which supports the game launcher’s Big Picture mode.

(Source: Pavel Djundik / Twitter via PC Gamer)

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