Sword Master Story reaches over 4 million downloads and plans to hold a variety of events to celebrate

The ARPG Sword Master Story hack-and-slash has officially announced that it has reached over four million downloads since its launch nearly two years ago. The success the game has enjoyed is mostly attributed to its more elaborate gameplay loops, but has also been aided by numerous collaborations with big IPs such as popular anime series Danmachi and KonoSuba.

Sword Master Story is an idle RPG at heart, but isn’t entirely hands-off like some idle titles tend to be. Instead, idle gameplay allows players to grow their party from a massive assortment of unique characters and lets them fight while you’re busy. When you play Sword Master Story properly outside of the idle mechanics, you’ll experience a very flashy and graphically engaging anime-style combat system that almost always keeps you engaged with its lightning-fast tempo.

Another big factor in the success of the game is undoubtedly the storyline it has had for so many years, added over the course of numerous patches which also came with new dungeons and various other new content items. Constantly updated and always intriguing, the story tells the story of Cain, a modern-day student who is transported to a new realm to become a swordsman and restore world peace. Without giving too much away, expect plenty of twists and turns as you watch Cain and his friends overcome various trials and obstacles.

And, of course, collaborations with huge anime properties and other massive updates that arrive almost monthly mean that Sword Master Story stays constantly fresh and new, even for long-time gamers. With all of that combined, it’s easy to see why it’s achieved so many unique downloads and to celebrate, Sword Master Story is hosting a ton of activity and has many announcements planned to come. From now on, players can participate in the Congratulations Comments Event and win 2,500 Rupees as well as a Surprise Coupon Event.

This is just the beginning of the celebrations held in Sword Master Story, so get in while the obtaining is good. To do this, you can find the action RPG for free on Google Play and the App Store. For any updates on upcoming celebration events, you can stay tuned to the official developer of Sword Master Story SuperPlanet’s Twitter account.

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