The adventures of a capricious parrot

On Tuesday, February 22, in the year of our Lord (AD) 2022, written as 2/22/22 (which is almost as bad as being bombarded with 444-4444) the Mountain Elders met at Mrs. K. in Middlebourg. Not only is the date unusual, but one OF mentioned, even with the warm weather, he claimed that was wrong, and the rodent in Pennsylvania was right, we are going to have another six weeks of winter.

The rotation of the Old Men of the Mountain is out of whack, so the idea that the OFs were there, and next week we are there, is just going to take a weird overshoot to set things right. It’s going to be fun, but spreading wealth is what it’s all about. Some of the OFs said, if we distribute wealth, distribute some of it our way because we could use it.

One thing about the Old Men of the Mountain is that if someone has a ton of money, these OFs hide it very well. The OF who showed off a little died a long time ago.

This OF applied the old trick of taking a few twenty and placing one on each end of a stack on singles, folding it up, then securing it with a rubber band. The wad now looked like a large one, but in reality it was only about fifty or sixty dollars – if that. You have to watch those old goats.

There was a conversation about the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club and its business. Not only active, but continuously increasing the number of members they now have.

The club would work with Scouts and Cubs, teaching them archery. Additionally, they work with many children on hunting and gun safety. Where else could one go to get the best instruction on these subjects better than a rod and gun club?

As usual at this time of year, the OFs talked about the birds they saw. We’ve reported this many times before.

We pointed out that robins don’t count because some never leave as long as there’s a nice patch of staghorn sumac around to overwinter them. The typical birds, such as the red-winged blackbird, have appeared, so early risers will be surprised by the current weather as if they had not been surprised by bad weather in the past.

An OF said he had a friend who had a parrot and the bird escaped (or maybe just wanted a little adventure in its life) a few weeks ago. The OF said his friend thought he was gone, for several reasons.

The friend thought that maybe someone caught the parrot, or maybe the parrot froze to death, or maybe the parrot had enough sense to keep flying south. For some reason though, the friend thought the parrot was gone.

Ah! But that was not the case!

A few days later, he appeared above the doghouse. The OF said the friend left the back doors open and put food in his cage, brought that cage through the back door, and within hours the parrot flew into the cage and started to eat like it never left. Like in the beginning, the bird just wanted a little adventure.

Where is the younger crowd?

It’s winter and there is still maintenance to be done by the OFs who are interested in the Long Path. The path sees some activity in the winter, but not as much as in the summer.

Snowshoers use a small portion of the trail through Thacher Park during the winter months. Hmmm. When else do people snowshoe other than during the winter months?

At one point, there were a few OMOTMs working on the path, but these OFs are getting old and they mentioned that they didn’t see many youngsters rising up to take their place.

This seems to be the case in many organizations. Many churches have noticed that their congregations are made up mostly of white-haired (or hairless) individuals.

One OF thought the younger crowd attended more active and modern churches; this same OF thinks that volunteering is still at work among the youngest, but it seems to be heading in another direction; however, the OF couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

Another OF mentioned that children today are the same as when OFs were children. Children today are no different. It’s us, we’re old and out of the loop, just like we thought our parents were. We are now our parents.

This scribe received a map from his grandson. It was more or less a proclamation of “the old order of Ye Olde Farts”. This card indicated:

“Let everyone know that you have reached the age of eligibility and been accepted into the ‘Ancient Order of Ye Olde Farts’. Belching, moaning, wheezing and sniffling are bodily noises that you’re now allowed to emit guilt-free, plus you can now pass gas, let a vent, cut cheese, or just fart in public without having to apologize.

Witnesses this February 22, 2022 by the following people present at the restaurant Mrs. K’s in Middleburgh, New York: Joe Rack, Mark Traver, Paul Nelson, Rick LaGrange, Harold Guest, Wally Guest, Glenn Patterson, Jake Lederman, Ted Feurer, Roger Shafer, Russ Pokorny, Jake Herzog, Bill Lichliter, Robie Osterman, Elwood Vanderbilt, Rich Vanderbilt, Dave Hodgetts, Bob Donnelly, John Dabrvalskes and me.

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