The Bat-Family Returns in WebToon’s WAYNE FAMILY ADVENTURES Second Season

Following the success of DC’s first original webtoon collaboration between the publisher and the platform, fans will be thrilled to hear that Batman: Adventures of the Wayne Family returns for a second season.

See the press release and images for Batman: Adventures of the Wayne Family season two below:

WEBTOON, the world’s largest digital comics platform, and DC announced today that it will return for its second season on September 28. New episodes of the Eisner Award-nominated digital comic will air every Wednesday exclusively on WEBTOON.

Batman: Adventures of the Wayne Familyby CRC Payne writer and lead artist StarBite, offers insight into the life of the Batman family, and debuted in September 2021 as the first-ever content collaboration between WEBTOON and DC. The series quickly gained a dedicated readership and also earned a 2022 Eisner Awards nomination in the “Best Webcomic” category.

“DC is thrilled with more hilarious and heartwarming Batman stories – we love Wayne Family Adventures!” said Mary Javin, editor of DC. “We’re even more excited about the WEBTOON-format reimaginings of our other iconic characters, like VIXEN and RED HOOD. As a fan myself, I always look forward to seeing these stories told with a playful approach, and as a editor, it’s interesting to see how WEBTOON’s incredible talent stays true to each character while telling fresh new stories.

“The reader’s response to the first season of Batman: Adventures of the Wayne Family was beyond our expectations – it not only brought Bat-Family fans to WEBTOON, but also introduced new WEBTOON fans to this legendary cast of characters from the Batman mythos,” said David Lee, Vice President of Content at WEBTOON. “It was a smash hit and we can’t wait for readers to experience the new adventures in store for the Wayne family this season.”

From the start with Batman: Adventures of the Wayne Family last year, WEBTOON and DC’s content partnership also launched a series Vixen: NYC (May 2022) written by Jasmine walls with the art of Manou Azumi, Zatanna and the Ripper (July 2022), written by Sarah Dely and lead artist Syrup, and Red Riding Hood: Outlaw (August 2022), written by Patrick R. Young with the art of Nico Bascunan.

WEBTOON has made waves around the world for its success in bringing digital comics into the mainstream, especially with young audiences; Gen Z readers make up the majority of WEBTOON readers in the United States. The platform has been behind a stream of hit adaptations for Netflix, including We are all dead Hellbound, the sound of magicand sweet home. we are all dead spent 11 weeks in the Netflix Global Top 10 (non-English series) on Netflix and was greenlit for a second season. Other WEBTOON global sensations include New York Times bestsellers Lore Olympus (Vol. 1 and 2) of the WEBTOON phenomenon by Rachel Smythe and Míriam Bonstre Tur Hooky.

Full credits:

Main artist (Inks): StarBite
Writer: CRC Payne
Scenarios: Maria Li and Geoniya Acuna
Backgrounds: Lan Ma and Suzi Blake
Characters: Kielamel Sibal
Coloring: CM cameranot
Creative producer: Susan Chen
Associate producer: William Kennedy

Wayne Family Adventures season 2 Wayne Family Adventures season 2

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