The biographical adventures of Noel the Mortal Fate unfold on Xbox

After first being released on PC as a free-to-play serialization, Noel the Mortal Fate wasted no time in spawning both comics and novels. From there, release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation took hold, as the franchise and universe opened up to a wider audience. Now is the time to include Xbox gamers in that audience as Noel the Mortal Fate delivers his biographical adventures on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Already present on Steamon the Play store and on Nintendo Switch, today we see the release of Noel the Mortal Fate on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and through the Microsoft Store for PC. If you’ve missed this one in years past, you should probably start getting involved now. You see, this new version takes what was previously present on Steam and remakes it, adding major improvements to the user interface, the layout, and the game as a whole. It also comes with Full HD support and additional Season 3.5 content.

So what is Noel Fate? Well, it’s a biographical adventure game in which you mostly – and no spoilers here, but “mostly” is all you need to know – take charge of Noel; a young pianist who has just missed the greatest prize in the history of the piano. Falling into a state of depression, she walks towards an abandoned building, falls on the devil and loses the use of her arms and legs. Stay with us here.

From there, driven by rage, Noel joins forces with this devil, seeking revenge on those who put her in the situation she found herself in. Basically, Noel the Mortal Fate seems a little crazy. But very interesting and quite intriguing.

What’s Playing is a game that’s been remade for the console, fully updated to ensure you’ll find the best experience possible, using intuitive controls as you progress through the story.

We’ll be able to fully reveal how Noel the Mortal Fate plays on Xbox via our next review, detailing what you need to know about the experience as a whole. If you can’t wait until then, just grab a copy of the game for yourself from the Xbox Store. £20.99 is the asking price.

Description of the game:

Noel the Mortal Fate is an adventure title that began serialization as a free-to-play game in 2016 and later spawned comic books and novels. This version of the game has been remade for a console experience, with an updated user interface, story, and dialogue. It follows the story from the prologue to season 7 of the series where the real battle begins for Noel and his companions. Moreover, it now supports Full HD and thus can better enjoy the unfolding of the epic story. This release also includes Season 3.5, a bonus season that takes place between the Burrows and Jillian storylines.

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