The Cinematic Adventures of the Dark Knight

the Batman films are released every two years. Either in solo renditions like Cristopher Nolan’s movies, or as part of a larger franchise attempt, like Ben Affleck’s Batman. This year we will be lucky enough to have more than one Batman on film. After The Batman with Robert Pattinson, Michael Keaton is also in costume from 1989 Batman in the new the flash movie. The same movie would also have Ben Affleck as Zack Snyder’s Batman from the Snyder Cup. With all of these new and returning Batman(s) hitting the big screen, it seems like the time has come for a story of Batman Podcast. Our very own editor, Joshua M. Patton, takes an in-depth look at all the Batman movies that have immortalized various Batmans on film. Discover the story of Batman podcast, on this episode of the Comic Years podcast.

The Batman Movies Vary in Their Tones, Themes, and Leading Men

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Joshua begins the story of the Batman podcast episode with his Batman. As in, the version of the character and actor who was his first experience with the Batman movie. It starts with Adam West’s version, but in many ways has given way to the very first dark and gritty Batman in Tim Burton’s film. For many, this Micheal Keaton Batman is their first. For me, however, despite the many comings and goings, it was George Clooney’s version of batman and robin it was my first exposure to the character in the film. And yes, while we know that of all Batman movies, this one was considered the worst, it was a lot of fun. Even Joshua admits the fun and entertaining nature of the movie. In many ways it was a modern throwback to 1966 Batman with Adam West.

Batman On Film has had a rich history

The Batman Podcast story features a very in-depth look at each iteration of the character. Joshua does a great job of framing each performance with the larger context of the film they find themselves in. While it’s easy to pick our favorite Batman in a vacuum, what’s important is how the character fits into the story unfolding onscreen. While Affleck was the perfect fit for this version of an older, darker Batman, so was Clooney as the ambivalent and sexy Bruce Wayne, whose charm also bled into his Batman. And now it’s Robert Pattinson in this new Matt Reeves Batman.

Joshua expands on this nuance by going through each of the Batman movies. What’s great is that Joshua loves all the Batman movies in their own way. He explains how each Batman is a product of his time, the time the movie was released. While Adam West’s Batman was campy and borderline hokey looking now, it was “serious business” when it was released. As a result, every Batman ages over time. Even the best Batman trilogy for many, Nolan’s, has some things that haven’t aged very well since their release. Joshua explains why.

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