The difference between adventures and mysteries

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The world of Sea of ​​Thieves expands in 2022 with Adventures and Mysteries, which will build on the lore of the swashbuckling sandbox.


sea ​​of ​​thieves has come a long way since its release four years ago. Constant updates have added more treasures to discover, collectibles to collect, and stories to follow, giving pirate fans plenty to do in the swashbuckling sandbox. Now like sea ​​of ​​thieves Entering its fourth year, Rare is ready to shake things up with the introduction of Adventures and Mysteries.

sea ​​of ​​thieves is no stranger to big content updates and story-driven adventures in the form of Tall Tales. Adventures and Mysteries will take Tall Tales to the next level in one of the most ambitious additions Rare has made to the game. Rare wants to build on the world of sea ​​of ​​thieves and creating an animated lore-filled world for players to navigate, and this new content should accomplish that.


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What adventure in Sea of ​​Thieves involves

sea ​​of ​​thieves adventure

One of the brand new features coming soon sea ​​of ​​thieves in 2022, it’s Adventures. Adventures will serve as chapters in a much larger overarching storyline and will slowly be added to the game each month. Every adventure will bring sea ​​of ​​thieves players on a cinematic journey across the high seas. They will be released on a monthly basis and the story will take place over a two-week period. Players will be able to complete these immersive experiences during these two weeks, but if a player does not play during this time, they will apparently miss the experience.

Adventures will add more iconic characters to the world of sea ​​of ​​thieves, which will make the world more alive and lived. Following the release of a number of adventures, Rare will release a special adventure that will serve as the climactic ending to this story. These adventures can even end with a choice that will affect the overworld depending on what the majority of players choose.

The first adventure to hit the high seas will be called The Shrouded Islands. The story will focus on the Golden Sands outpost, surrounded by a mysterious fog and causing the inhabitants of the outpost to disappear. Players must find out what’s going on at the outpost and hopefully save the locals before it’s too late. Not much else is known story-wise, but with the release date set for February 17, players won’t have to wait long to experience The Shrouded Islands for themselves.

What differentiates a mystery from an adventure

Sea of ​​Thieves Ships

The other new form of narrative content that is coming sea ​​of ​​thieves is called Mysteries. Mysteries will share some similarity with Adventures, as they will also expand on the lore of Sea of ​​Thieves. The big difference, however, is that to solve these mysteries, players will all have to work together paying attention to clues both in-game and out-of-game.

Mysteries will last longer than the two weeks allotted for adventures and will require a bit of research from players. These mysteries will be inspired by murder mysteries and ghost stories, so players will need to prepare their best Sherlock Holmes impersonations. The mysteries will serve to both engage the current community of players and hopefully draw out more with the out-of-game clues.

The first mystery will ask players to solve the murder of a famous sea ​​of ​​thieves personage. Who this well-known character is and when he will be assassinated is still unknown, as Rare has not officially confirmed when the first mystery will begin. It will begin in Season 6 and continue through future seasons, but the exact start date has not been revealed.

Adventures and Mysteries will work together to build a living, breathing world out of the mainstream sea ​​of ​​thieves Sandbox. If Adventures and Mysteries proves to be a success, there could be even more narrative content in the future. Players will just have to wait and see how sea ​​of ​​thieves evolve in the coming months.

sea ​​of ​​thieves is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X

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