The Hunger Games’ Best Prequel Was Revealed 11 Years Before Songbirds and Serpents

The best prequel to The hunger Games the series was revealed long before The Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents was even released. Written by Suzanne Collins, author of The hunger Games series, Songbirds and Snakes was released in May 2020. A film adaptation of the prequel, centered on Coriolanus Snow, is slated for release in 2023 or 2024.

Although the previous book was well received, the best idea for a hunger games prequel was hidden in the middle of Catch fire. The film adaptation of the second hunger games book didn’t include the chapters that allude to this prequel idea: an idea that focuses on Haymitch Abernathy. Haymitch is a character who appeared in all three hunger games books, as well as the four film adaptations of the series.


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In the film series, Haymitch is portrayed by actor Woody Harrelson. Haymitch is introduced in The hunger Games as Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, his job being to prepare them for the titular battle royale. Haymitch is a mentor as he is the only Hunger Games winner to hail from District 12, prior to Katniss and Peeta’s victories. Harrelson reprized her role in Hunger Games – Catching Firethe sequel leaving out a specific part of the book that would be perfect for a prequel to the film series: how Haymitch won his Hunger Games.

How Haymitch Won The 50th Hunger Games, Explained

Haymitch With HG Drink

In the second book, Catch fire, it is revealed that Haymitch won a Quarter Quell. A Quarter Quell is a special variant of the Hunger Games, which takes place every 25 years, meaning Haymitch has won the 50th Games. Quarter Quells have special rules and features, such as Mutt Creations. This has often radically changed games – for example, an important rule shown in Hunger Games – Catching Fire is that the tributes are chosen from previous winners, which defined the whole event. In the Quarter Quell which Haymitch won, however, four tributes would be chosen to compete in each district, instead of the usual two. This was to remind the districts that for every Capitol citizen who died in the first rebellion, two rebels were killed. This meant that Haymitch fought in a Hunger Games of 48 total tributes. In Catch firewhile traveling to the Capitol to compete in the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta find a tape of Haymitch’s Games and find out how he was able to triumph over the other 47 tributes.

Haymitch is depicted as much more focused than the other tributes, running towards the Cornucopia Center and grabbing many useful weapons and supplies while other tributes look out over the beautiful arena scenery. This benefited Haymitch well, as apart from increasing tributes, another trick in the arena was that everything outside of the central area was designed to kill, meaning only rainwater and the food found at the Cornucopia was edible, placing Haymitch in a distinct place. advantage. Haymitch proves to be a capable fighter when he encounters a Career Tribute Pack, the favorites to win the Games from Districts 1 and 2. He kills two of the Careers and is aided by another District 12 Tribute when he s is the third, forming an Alliance. The alliance ends when Haymitch finds the edge of the arena and his ally returns to the center. At the edge of the arena, Haymitch discovers a glitch in the artificial shield when he throws a boulder off the edge of the cliff, and the arena’s force field sends it back towards him. Eventually, Haymitch must fight a District 1 tribute for the crown, and they engage in brutal and bloody hand-to-hand combat in which both tributes sustain serious injuries. Haymitch is unarmed and draws the District 1 tribute to the edge of the arena. The girl throws her ax at Haymitch, who ducks to the ground and waits for the shield glitch he discovered earlier to throw the ax back at the other tribute, killing her and crowning Haymitch the winner of the 50th Hunger Games.

A Haymitch spin-off is the best way to continue the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Woody Harrelson Haymitch

The decision to omit this sequence from Hunger Games – Catching Fire could now be seen as a smart move, with this story being perfect for a prequel movie. Not only is this a piece of franchise history that people would love to see, given the popularity of Haymitch’s character, but it’s the best way to go. The hunger Games franchise and, above all, its key themes. The greatest strength of The hunger Games film franchise, and the books they are based on, is the blend of thrilling action sequences and political intrigue from the land of Panem. Collins wrote the books as a commentary on extreme capitalism and authoritarianism, which could continue through a hunger games prequel. The rich-poor division of the Capitol and the Districts, as well as forced entry into the Hunger Games as penance for the uprising against Capitoline authority, are all explored through the use of the Games themselves, which allow the most classically thrilling action sequences to balance these deeper themes.

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With the exploration of Haymitch’s Hunger Games, it’s possible to continue to explore these key franchise themes, while tying it well with Katniss’ story to make it feel more like a prequel with connective tissue. The extract in Catch fire who describes Haymitch’s games would like to say how much more action-packed they were compared to Katniss’ days at the Hunger Games. With 48 tributes, there was a natural increase in the number of fights between competitors. Additionally, Haymitch is depicted as far more proficient than Katniss and Peeta in terms of fighting ability, showing that he had several fights with other Tributes that contributed to his victory. In the first Hunger Games Katniss appeared in, she only had to directly kill one other Tribute, with the rest eliminated indirectly or through other means. Thanks to this, Haymitch’s games would allow for a much more conventional and action-packed version of the games compared to Katniss’s featured in the first series of films.

A big part of The hunger Games was Katniss’ rebellion against the Capitol of Panem, and changing the protagonist to Haymitch would serve to show why he helped her do it. Haymitch has also been shown to be critical of the Capitol as well and antagonize them as much as he can while competing in his version of the Games. Using the Gamemakers Arena to kill the Last Tribute, Haymitch discovered a loophole in the Capitol’s system, much like Katniss did at the end of Catch fire to start the rebellion on a large scale. In the book, Katniss is thrilled to discover that Haymitch has caused as much trouble at the Capitol as she has. Using this, not only could the prequel explore more of the themes that Collins brought to the show, but it could do so in a way that ties into what Katniss goes through in The hunger Games series, providing a prequel that further fleshes out the franchise without feeling at odds with previous installments.

How a Haymitch Prequel Can Still Bring Woody Harrelson Back

Woody Harrelson has already declared his interest in a Haymitch spin-off. While he apparently joked that he wanted a spinoff that focused on a relationship between Haymitch and Effie, it still proves that he might be up for reprising the role in some capacity. The Haymitch Games took place 24 years before the first hunger games, meaning there would be a number of ways the potential prequel filmmakers could bring Harrelson back. First, Harrelson could return writing the prequel between two time periods, Today and Haymitch’s Games. Thanks to this, Woody Harrelson could still interpret the role of Haymitch, as we saw in the other films after the fall of the Capitol. Flashbacks would then be used to show the Quarter Quell, the 50th Hunger Games that Haymitch won. Depending on the film’s budget, Harrelson could also perform these sections through the use of the ever-improving de-aging CGI that’s becoming more common in Hollywood lately. Otherwise, the role of a younger Haymitch could simply be offered to another actor. Either way, Harrelson could return to the character if a prequel was created.

While Snakes and songbirds developed the franchise in an exciting way, presenting hunger games the villainous President Snow as the protagonist, a Haymitch prequel would be much more appealing as a prequel movie. While the decision to set aside the Haymitch Games in the Catch fire the movie was probably made just for pacing reasons, it might turn out to be a good decision on the part of the filmmaker, leaving the door open for an entire movie dedicated to this story, instead of just showing the point of view of the franchise villain, President Snow via his own prequel series. Through further exploration of a fan-favorite character in Haymitch, and the themes and action that made Hunger Games if liked in the first place, it would be a missed opportunity not to explore the first winner of the second Quell district and district 12.

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