This year’s best F1 games you can play on your phone

Motorsport in general and Formula 1 in particular has always been a popular theme for developers, with F1 games topping the list.

40 years ago, when personal computers and games were in their infancy, wide-eyed children were enamored with F1 games like Pole position.

Today, these wide-eyed kids are pushing 50, but you can bet most of them remember that magic, and many still enjoy testing their reflexes with the occasional running game.

Now, of course, the Ataris and Commodores are long gone, and we have everything we need on our mobile handsets. Here we take a look at a handful of the best F1 themed mobile games that will appeal to true fans.

Real Race 3

Real Racing 3 – EA

The best mobile driving game Hands down, RR3 has focused on F1 over the past year, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking. Tracks like Circuit of the Americas, Spa, and Suzuka have been lovingly recreated, and the driving experience is everything we’ve come to expect from this game.

However, upgrades don’t come cheap, so if you want to keep the game free, you’ll have to be patient and put in the hard yards to earn some in-game currency. It’s not exactly difficult, though, and there are plenty of other forms of motor racing to enjoy if you fancy taking a break from F1.

F1 showdown

F1 Clash rebrand hints at title of next Formula 1 management sim RaceFans

If you’ve played and enjoyed games like Football Manager in the past, you’ll love F1 Clash. No need to test your reflexes here, you can just watch the on-track action unfold in front of you as you work on strategy and make technical adjustments to the car mid-race.

It’s the perfect game for those of us who would rather be Christian Horner than Max Verstappen, doing the behind-the-scenes business that turns F1 drivers into champions.

Wheels and rollers

Best Racing Themed Casino Games For Formula 1 Fans |  GRAND PRIZE 247

There are a few interesting casino slots with an F1 theme, but this one from Playtech is a relatively recent release and brings with it an impressive return to player of over 97%.

It is not available for download but through most online casino sites – find more details here on recommended online casinos where you can play safely and enjoy a fast payout if you hit the jackpot.

F1 moving race

Why F1 Mobile Racing is the perfect way to get your Formula 1 gaming fix on the go |  Formula 1®

The only mobile racing game to be officially endorsed by the FIA, F1 Mobile Racing is every bit as smooth and fluid as F1 gaming experts have come to expect from Codemasters over the years.

There are plenty of opportunities to develop and customize your very own F1 car, and when you’ve done that, you can either embark on an F1 season against all the big names or join one of the multiplayer tournaments and race against all the big names. other real players. just like you.

There are loot box-style rewards for high performers, and these contain goodies that will help your car perform even better. If you’re looking for a viable free alternative to Real Racing 3, we just found it.

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