Top 10 Fun Adventures to Experience in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is Vermont’s loveliest city, and although it’s the largest in the state, it’s not a big city. In 2021, the city’s population was 44,781, which is far lower than many cities. Burlington’s modest size is one of the reasons it’s so exciting, and travelers staying here won’t feel like they’re in a big city. With its breathtaking natural landscapes spread in almost every corner, you would think the city is remote. And it’s no surprise because just minutes from its city center are spectacular fields and visitors can still easily get to the Green Mountains. There are plenty of opportunities to explore in Burlington, making it a popular destination worth visiting. Here are the top 10 fun adventures to experience in Burlington, Vermont.

ten Explore Church Street Market

Travelers will find two churches along the charming street, which is a must visit when exploring Burlington. Since the road is closed to vehicles, vacationers have plenty of space to wander around and experience the best of the street. Along the street there are several colorful shops, making it a great place to shop for all sorts of things. Some of the most impressive shops on the street are Smugglers Notch Distillery and Champlain Chocolates.

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9 Go picnicking at Oakledge Park

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, Oakledge is one of the best picnic spots in Burlington. Travelers will find plenty of picnic tables and open green spaces to relax. There are other surrounding shelters for rent if you are exploring this area with family or a group of friends. Vacationers can even celebrate an occasion, perhaps a family reunion, here. There are two public beaches within the park, so those who love swimming can bring their bathing suits and have fun at this beautiful lakeside park.

8 Have fun laughing at the Vermont Comedy Club

Nestled right in the heart of the city, the Vermont Comedy Club is the best place to have a good laugh. Travelers are allowed on stage and comedians tell jokes about them while the audience laughs at them. One can try to attend one of the many comedy shows organized at the club on weekends. The comedians hail from the city and some are nationally famous. Vacationers can take advantage of some of the opportunities offered at the club to test their acting skills.

seven Take a cruise on Lake Champlain

Stretching on a north-south line dividing Vermont and its neighboring state, New York, with a portion at the northern end of Canada, Lake Champlain is huge, but much of its waters are in Vermont. Get a chance to learn the history of this magnificent on a sightseeing cruise. The largest cruise ship on the lake is 140 feet long and has a capacity of 363. The ship offers multiple sightseeing opportunities each day, including lunch, dinner, and occasional dance cruises.

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6 Learn some history at the Shelburne Museum

Shelburne is a perfect location, especially for visitors looking for the best place to explore with children. The museum offers a combination of history and arts collected from different terrains and is definitely worth a visit. Vacationers will have the opportunity to step back to the 1920s when the 1906 steamboat Ticonderoga sailed in style around famous Lake Champlain. Ticonderoga is the only outrigger sidewheel passenger steamer in existence.

5 Explore the Burlington Farmers Market

While Church Street Marketplace is an awesome shopping spot, the Burlington Farmers Market is another place to see. Market vendors offer everything from farm-fresh produce to Vermont cheese and baked goods. Vacationers will also discover several ethnic food options to explore in this adorable market. There is almost no chance that someone will miss what they are looking to buy. However, it is important to be prepared to mingle as the market is always busy. It takes place every Saturday on sunny days and on selected days in winter.

4 Ride the Burlington Bike Path

Stretching eight miles, the Burlington Bike Path is a recreational trail that winds along the shores of Lake Champlain and connects six waterfront parks. Originally created by cyclists, this beautiful trail is also open to runners and walkers. There are many rentals available around where vacationers can rent bikes and enjoy horseback riding while admiring the natural scenery. Winter tourists can try fat biking along this route once the season kicks off.

3 Take in stunning views of Lake Champlain from the waterfront park

Rising west of downtown Burlington, the Waterfront Park is an amazing place for fun-filled adventures, as it offers beautiful views of lovely Lake Champlain. The park has several paths suitable for walking and benches along the banks of the lake. The pleasures of sunrises and sunsets will provide an unforgettable experience of Lake Champlain from this park. One can also try to catch some of the many events and festivals held in this park throughout the year.

2 Participate in water activities at North Beach Park

Water sports enthusiast? Besides being the largest beach in Burlington, North Beach is the perfect place for fun water adventures. You can go swimming, paddleboarding, canoeing and kayaking. Rentals are available at the beach for travelers who do not have their own water sports equipment. Along with the water activities, there are several picnic tables, food concessions, an amazing playground, restrooms and showers to ensure vacationers have a memorable beach experience.

1 Discover street art

This enchanting city has works of art almost on every corner, and walking around offers the incredible opportunity to see the amazing street art of local talent. Burlington’s street art is always breathtaking, and hardly anyone explores it without taking some epic photos. Together with business owners and city authorities, local artists have created street art to build support for local talent and boost the creativity of locals.

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