Ubisoft will contribute to climate change with its games

Ubisoft has decided to use its games to help raise awareness of climate change and modify its games accordingly. This decision comes from the initiative led by the UN which wants to use the games. ‘The Playing For The Planet’ encourages learning and action for the environment. At Green Game Jam 2022, Ubisoft judged games based on three interrelated themes, food, forest, and the future.

Ubisoft games are now part of climate change awareness

Ubisoft will first use Skull and Bones and Riders Republic to raise awareness about climate change. According to Ubisoft statement, the company will host a short, intense in-game event in Riders Republic. It will focus on the impact of wildfires and strategies to reduce them. In this case, the sky will be orange and there will be “fire smoke” fog throughout the game due to wildfires. Players will be equipped with a gas mask by default, and part of the map will not be accessible to players due to a fire.

On the other hand, Skull and Bones will use in-game activities to challenge the player with environmental concerns, such as the impact of shark fin demand on the ocean. Players will contribute to marine wildlife conservation and understand the destructive nature of the shark fin trade.

You will have the opportunity to support the preservation of marine biodiversity and recognize the damage caused by the shark fin trade. Ubisoft says in-game activities will be seasonal live events to promote collaboration. Depending on the overall level of involvement, incentives will be unlocked for everyone who participates in Community Challenges. These decisions will also affect Ubisoft’s AAA titles, such as Assasin’s Creed and Far Cry.

Playing For The Planet was created in 2019 during the United Nations Climate Summit to recognize that its members collectively reach over one billion video game players. Bandai Namco, Creative Assembly, Microsoft, Niantic, Sony, and Sega are just a few of the member companies.

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