UT Austin alumni unhappy with ticket options for sports games at Moody Center

The University of Texas men’s basketball season at the brand new Moody Center kicks off in about a week, but some alumni aren’t happy with the ticketing process and are worried they won’t be able to see a game.

An alumnus said it wasn’t as easy to get a ticket to the Moody Center as it was to Erwin, and it wasn’t as cheap either.

Alex Friedman graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. He said that as a student he attended almost every men’s basketball game at the Erwin Center.

“We even camped outside the stadium for one of our biggest games when we were students, so basically I would do anything I could to get in as many games as possible when I was a student” , Friedman said.

Now Friedman lives in New York, but still wanted to get in some games this season, so he called the box office. He was told that to get tickets for UT men’s basketball games this year he had to be a season ticket holder and if he wanted to get a single game ticket he had to buy it from StubHub.

“I’ve been there and watched every Big 12 conference game and the average admission price for a post solo ticket hub freeze is over $100. Which is a one game ticket, that that just seems unreasonable,” Friedman said.

In previous years, SeatGeek reported a much lower average cost, so Friedman reached out to the athletic director on Twitter.

“He let me know that basically this season they’re giving out tickets only to season ticket holders, and they’re doing it to maximize the atmosphere,” Friedman said.

The Moody Center can accommodate more than 15,000 people but will be transformed into a 10,000-seat hall for basketball games. The Moody Center website said it was about giving Longhorn fans and students an opportunity to feel part of the game.

“I believe the athletic department has a lot of responsibilities. I think part of it is making sure there’s a good atmosphere at every game and all the fans are enjoying it, but I also think it’s a responsibility to make sure as many alumni as possible can take advantage of these teams and cheer them on as much as they want,” Friedman said.

Friedman offered a solution.

“Take some of those upholstery off the seats and maybe open a few sections at a time. If they sell out, open more, if they don’t, narrow them down,” Friedman said.

A representative from the athletic department said season tickets haven’t sold out and are still available for purchase. Friedman said that might not be an option for him.

“In the current situation, it doesn’t seem possible to pay for single-game tickets, it doesn’t seem possible to pay for season tickets, so I don’t know how I’m going to see my team play,” Friedman said. said.

UT’s premier men’s basketball event at the Moody Center is a charity exhibition next Saturday against Arkansas. After the last look, there are only 59 tickets left on StubHub.

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