Visakhapatnam: Disha app sees over 1.26 lakh downloads in the city

More women are coming forward to report assaults, police commissioner says

More women are coming forward to report assaults, police commissioner says

Disha app recorded over 1.26 lakh downloads in the city on Wednesday, thanks to a mega registration drive organized by Visakhapatnam city police here on Wednesday.

Police teams have also deployed across the city to hold sensitization meetings in educational institutions, workplaces and public places as part of the campaign.

Addressing a rally at the city’s VMRDA Children’s Arena on Wednesday, collector A. Mallikarjuna stressed the need to raise awareness about installing the Disha app to ensure a safe environment for women and girls in the district. He said the app would help build confidence in women.

Mr Mallikarjuna said about 8 lakh people in the district have downloaded the app but only 5.15 lakh have signed up. “Registration will be more advantageous,” the collector said.

He said the POCSO Act was having a chilling effect and said the state government prioritized the safety, security and empowerment of women. Several important positions in the state are held by women, he noted.

Police Commissioner Ch. Srikanth said more women are coming forward to report cases of assault against them thanks to several initiatives taken by the government to remove the stigma attached to sexual assault cases and bridge the gap between the public and the police.

“The app helps women approach the police with one click and prevent a crime in an emergency,” Mr Srikanth said. “Although it is designed to protect women, even men can also install and use it because it has an SOS function,” he added.

During the program, students from various colleges shared their experiences of using the Disha app.

Mayor G. Hari Venkata Kumari, MLC V. Kalyani, GVMC Commissioner G. Lakshmisha, Visakhapatnam MP Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar, Joint Collector KS Swaminathan, DCP Sumit Garud and female entrepreneurs were present.

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