Win 1 of 16 epic adventures for you and your BFF with Beerfarm

WA Beerfarm’s remarkable independent brewery gears up for their Out of office gift packed with outdoor adventures you won’t want to miss.

With the time we’ve spent indoors over the past two years, that of Western Australia Beer farm is eager to see people come out and have a thrill making a massive gift that stays true to their values ​​of enjoying the outdoors in a sustainable way aimed at getting you and your partner out this summer.

Before you dive into the stellar prizes up for grabs, if you haven’t heard of Beerfarm yet, just know that it’s about to fly to the top of your list. Located in the Margaret River area, it is an independent brewery that strives to provide top quality beers throughout the country while keeping in mind their impact on the environment – cultivating good vibes, great beers and staying respectful of the land and community along the way, Beerfarm has been repurposed from a former dairy farm and retains much of the rustic aesthetic with the aim of reuse and keep that farmhouse charm. .

They don’t just minimize their environmental footprint with some of the lowest beer-versus-beer water consumption rates in the country, reduce their use of single-use plastics at every opportunity, and redirect their wastewater to fertilize. surrounding enclosures that house their livestock, but they are also taking proactive measures. measure to solve some larger waste problems – such as food waste. Learn about their Save The Harvest initiative created to help Australian farmers recover produce destined to be wasted.

Their on-site herd of Black Angus cattle are fed the leftover spent grain from the brewing process and in turn is used to feed. their menu for cooking on site by Burnt Ends at Beerfarm, in a circular economy that seeks to keep products as local as possible. Serving choice cuts, steaks, traditional beef brisket, prime rib and slower smoky flavors, everything is kept close at hand and extremely farm fresh.

And of course, beer cannot be underestimated – they have all kinds of beers to satisfy even the most picky of palates, ranging from lagers, complex IPAs to suit your hipster style, mash sour and even a cider made with local Manjimup apples to boot which can be found nationwide in all good liquor stores.

Discover Beerfarm // Out Of Office:

Now that you’re practically salivating, let’s move on to the contest details, and boy, are they awesome. Forget the competitions of the past where all they offer is a gift card or a miserable discount – Beerfarm goes you and a plus one in the great outdoors, in nature, and go on an adventure with kitesurfing, mountain biking, charter. fishing, rock climbing, surf coaching lessons, horseback riding, swimming with wild dolphins and skydiving up for grabs.

With each prize offered in both Western Australia and NSW, their out-of-office experiences are offered coast to coast to ensure no one is missing out on something, and you and you to a partner, to go outside in the summer, because staying inside is right not an option this year!

So how do you get into the commodity? It’s pretty straightforward. All you have to do is visit their Out Of Office website and follow the instructions there. From there, the winners will be announced over a period of 8 weeks

The Out Of Office contest has already started and will end on Wednesday February 9 of next year, which means there’s a whole summer of prizes up for grabs. Do you want to see you win? Enter, each week’s adventure will be posted on Beerfarm’s social media on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. AEST with the winners announced each Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. AEST. Follow Beerfram on social media to embark on some crazy outdoor adventures this summer!

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