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The Jim Ned Indians have been the team to beat this year. Considering they were Class 3A Div. 1 state champion. The guy behind their success is senior running back Xavier Wishert.

Matt Fanning said, “Man, this is the energy he really brings to training every day. It starts with the warm-up and doesn’t really stop until the last whistle. You know when you build a program that’s a huge factor. He certainly did.

Wishert was a force to be reckoned with this year as he had over 2,500 yards.

Xavier Wishert said: “I mean I really wouldn’t be anything without Coach Fanning without Tate without the O line that I’ve been with for three years. My whole team, I just want to say a big thank you to you know. They made me who I am.

But Xavier’s love of football hasn’t started recently. At the age of six he was playing football with plates and his love for the game began to grow.

Wishert added: “Being so young, obviously I didn’t start, I didn’t receive the ball much. But I had a play, it was like a reaction sweep where they waved me from the landing point and go to score. And after that, I fell in love with football.

His time here with the Indians Jim Ned also forged friendships that will last forever.

Tate Yardley said, “I mean at school Xavier and I talk all the time and on the football field it’s great spending time with him and playing with him. I think the biggest part was the playoff trips we had. Games away, I mean just talking on the bus with all the guys. But like I said, it’s fun having him in the backfield and handing it over to him and watching him play, it’s awesome.

Wishert led the Indians to the regional semi-finals where they lost to the Brock Eagles. Although Xavier’s time with Jim Ned football is over, he has big plans for his future.

Wishert adds, “Um after graduation I’m obviously going to go to college and play football. I don’t know where yet. There are places in the back of my head where I hope I might go who knows. But, yeah, just go get a business degree somewhere and play soccer and see what happens from there. “

Jim Ned Indians senior running back Xavier Wishert is your 2021 BCH Sports Player of the Year.

Wishert, “I’m more than grateful you know not everyone can say they got this award and it’s really special and amazing that I was lucky enough to get this award. Knowing that my football season is over gives me some life and makes me happy and i really appreciate everything you have done.

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